Joan is a certified project manager

My name is Joan and I am a certified project manager. My main personal goal as a project manager is to make sure that all stakeholders in a project are satisfied. I do it by closely and devotedly following each different stage of the life of the project, because each phase, each participant – they need the maximum possible clarity, structure, specific requirements, timely decisions and adequate support.

Certified Project Manager with several years of experience

I am a Certified Project Manager with several years of experience in various industries, fields and products. My most recent certificate is the BVOP Certified Project Manager (BVOPM). My next goal is the BVOP Certified Program Director. Reference:

I completed my higher business education in England, and at the same time I qualified for the Management Institute for Leadership and Team Management. Back in university, I was the leading student in group work. I was a management and management consultant, I was also a supervisor in a fast food restaurant. I have reached both positions with perseverance, patience and a look ahead, that is, with a lot of work, starting from an intern or a fellow – so to speak.

The challenges of project management

I have encountered various challenges, I have faced several completely new things a day, I have had difficulties and many mistakes. Sometimes I had the feeling that I was so stuck in the swamp that there was no chance to get out, or it seemed absurd and terribly impossible for 14 things to go wrong in one day. But this is life, both personally and professionally. Constant change and dynamics, where adaptability is most important. A clearly structured master plan, small steps towards any major such and specific end goal to pursue. There are changes, mistakes will be made, but the important thing is to communicate, to be professionals and to give the maximum at all times.

I understand that the colleague who held the position before me had some fundamental shortcomings that you noticed and that affected your overall attitude, trust and work environment. But I would like to share with you that I do not like the created working atmosphere and I really want to work together to change it for the better.

What is basically my role is a buffer. I’m not on anyone’s side. I communicate with the participants in a project, making sure that each of them has satisfied business needs. Formally, my role is to manage a project, to make sure that it consumes its resources properly, meets quality standards and moves on time. Each of my omissions can be disastrous and cause damage at the business level, just as any of your omissions, defects and missed deadlines can have negative effects on all parties and cause business damage.

That’s why I suggest you find the most effective way to work together, clear up the ambiguity in time, take responsibility and be committed to our overall performance as a team. Your work is as important to me as mine is to you. And a guiding rule should be to work responsibly both individually and as a team.

Now I want each of you to point a finger at me. Come on, come on bolder! Point at me accusingly. So, yes, well done. Now look at the direction of your other fingers, where are they pointing? To you. The same is the position of my hand if I point a finger at you or each of you.

I suggest that we build an atmosphere in which there is no condemnation, insult, transfer of the ball, blurring of situations and carelessness in the performance of our roles and tasks. I have agreed with the management to have an individual meeting with you every week, outside the team, and we will start with 30 minutes. Today’s weather is not so coincidental. In these 30 minutes, I would like each of you to share obstacles, doubts, ask clarifying questions, give feedback on my work and suggestions for improvement or change. I tell you, I do not intend to create a half-hour argument, an accusatory conversation, a grumble, and in short, a waste of time. I want to share, discuss and find solutions. I want clear goals and commitments from these meetings.
Let’s try this and change on the go if necessary.

The certified project manager and team members

I want each team and each member of a team to have clarity on the project, what is the main picture, what are the details and what is its role in all this information.

I understand that the colleague was part of his team, he was a professional with deep knowledge in the nature of the technical implementation of your tasks. He gave you guidance in the work and was next to you, but rather guidance in exactly how to do your job, rather than clarifying the requirements of your task and the details in it. You had a communication gap with each other and gradually the deadlines were missed, but these delays in the plans became a little less. The client has escalated his dissatisfaction with his superiors even at the level of contract clauses. Little by little, the accusations fell on the teams and it came to creating the working atmosphere at the moment. I assume that you look at me skeptically, mockingly and with disbelief, because you believe that the same thing awaits you.

I expect each of you to go through my office, pre-arranged to schedule appointments for next week. Then prepare a list of things that are not clear to you about the project, your tasks and anything of that nature. The rest of the time, every working day, you can send me a message via Skype if it is something very important and requires a quick response or you need assistance. If I do not have the opportunity to help personally, I will find someone to do it. If I do not have the opportunity to cooperate immediately, I will do so as soon as possible. I will make sure as much as possible whether you have found the information you need, but I also want you to take responsibility for the OJ, whether everything is allowed and clear.

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